Thesis Data Analysis using SPSS AMOS and STATA

Data analysis involves the finding of results from the collected primary and secondary data through the use of applicable statistical tools and methods, as well as the interpretation of outcomes. Many research students may find this task extremely problematic, as they may not have the knowledge of advanced statistical techniques and tests. Thus, it becomes difficult to handle a large amount of research data, as well as to filter, structure, and analyse it with precision. At such moments, the dissertation data analysis services of PhD Box may come handy to students.

If you are also stuck in the same situation, then our services may not only save your time spent in understanding the nuances of statistics, but may also save your efforts that you could have put into other research activities.

We conduct the following tests under our data analysis services :

PhD Box offers flexible dissertation data analysis services based on the requirements of clients. Our expert statisticians ensure :

Our team of well-trained statisticians and data management experts uses cutting-edge statistical tools like Excel, SPSS, AMOS, STATA, EViews, SAS, and NVivo for accurate data analysis for your academic research. They may not only help you with quantitative data, but also for qualitative data analysis work. We also perform data collection and cleaning to ensure error-free and accurate results. With the help of our services, our clients get satisfactory analyses for reliable research reports. Our mentors also guide researchers on justifying the tools that have been adopted for their research. Such guidance helps them
during their thesis defence sessions.
Approximate pricing for data analysis with various tools:

$ 1000
SPSS – $ 500
Excel Based Analysis:
$ 450
Stata/ Eviews/ ANOVA – $ 750

However, an accurate quote according to your data analysis needs can be made after understanding your project. You can write to us with the details of your project at

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