As Collin Powell said, "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work". The same thought applies to PhD; it calls for rigorous coursework and research on a topic of significance that can make contribution to a research arena. Effective research begins with the selection of an appropriate topic.

Topic selection is the first step for proposing a research study. Researchers need to narrow down a broad area of their research field in order to select a topic. When they are confused about choosing the right topics for their studies, PhD Box comes to their help. We understand several personal, academic, and career-related preferences of students before helping them finalised a suitable topic for their research. Some factors that we take into consideration before suggesting a topic are:

  • Interest of a researcher and his/her domain of specialisation
  • Exclusivity of topic to make a project unique
  • Scope of exploring a topic and conducting original research
  • Viability of covering a topic within specified time
  • Estimated costs involved to research on a topic
  • Skills, subject knowledge, and research capabilities of a researcher
  • The likely contributions of research done on a topic

Topic Consultation Package Details

Wrong topic selection can give a false start. Thus, you have to be ingenious from the very beginning. The researcher should have good knowledge in the selected area and should be able to get support from a university supervisor who has expertise in the chosen area of study. Our PhD topic assistance service can be availed in isolation or can be clubbed with our thesis writing or synopsis writing service.

Our team of experts comes as a great assistance at this crucial initial stage of research. Our advisers are abreast of the current developments in the field of research. They help students to finalise feasible topics that may be worked upon for a seminal research. Under our PhD topic assistance service, we aim to explore subject areas that have scope for investigation or have been unexplored. The areas with good research gap are evaluated to see whether they fit a student’s passion, available resources, and future endeavours. This makes us suggest only the most relevant and contributory topics as choices to a student.

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