Do U Need a Student Grant? Check out How!

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This post is going to serve great to those seeking grant. It summarizes the tips and the method for applying for student grant or fellowships. To begin with, at the formative stage, you need to know exactly where all you are going to apply. Or in other words, identify your needs can be said as […]

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How to Write a Literature Review

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In order to start off with a research work, it is needed to cite the related works done by the previous researchers in different contexts, and following the same theoretical foundation. Unless that part is done, it is always hard for a researcher to place his / her work in the existing body of literature, […]

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Quantitative Vs Qualitative Research

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Quantitative research can be applied to quantifiable facets of a problem; its findings can suggest solutions to what, where and when type questions. It includes methods of inference, experiment and simulation. Inference based methods seeks to establish characteristics and relationships. Experimental research is conducted under controlled settings where researcher can manipulate variables and note down […]

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PhD thesis consultants for drafting excellent synopsis

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Thesis is a very lengthy and important document that needs to be written by students of postgraduate and doctorate levels. There are a number of companies that have the passion for research support. These firms provide PhD consultants who take care of each and every need of their clients. Synopsis is of great importance in […]

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The Importance of a PhD Proposal

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A PhD proposal refers to an outline of the planned project that aims at stating a question clearly along with a systematic approach to answer it, emphasizing its originality and importance, and explaining its contribution to the development of the current literature. A research proposal usually tends to differ in length, scope, and structure due […]

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