Tips on facing dissertation defense session

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The best and the easiest way to approach a dissertation defense session is to calm your nerves and approach it with utter confidence. Always remember that you are an expert. Approach the defense as a normal presentation. It is important to relax, think and prepare well for your presentation. Knowing yourself is the best way […]

Writing a dissertation using APA format

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Being asked to write a dissertation is daunting but writing the same using APA format can be more intimidating. I have specially written this blog so as to help all those research scholars who’ve been asked to write their research projects using the APA format. So, if you too are one such research student, then […]

Finding whether Dissertation Writing is actually tough?

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You can’t win your doctorate degree unless and until you submit a complete dissertation. Creating a dissertation is quite a cumbersome task and requires wise planning. Through this post of mine, I would help you know the answer to the question that whether dissertation writing is tough or not. If you are a research student, […]