Quantitative Vs Qualitative Research

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Quantitative research can be applied to quantifiable facets of a problem; its findings can suggest solutions to what, where and when type questions. It includes methods of inference, experiment and simulation. Inference based methods seeks to establish characteristics and relationships. Experimental research is conducted under controlled settings where researcher can manipulate variables and note down […]

Exploring the readers for your PhD thesis paper

PhD thesis paper is considered to be one of the most crucial aspects of a research student’s life. A student cannot attain a doctorate degree without submitting a brilliantly created PhD thesis paper within the allotted amount of time. PhD Box has emerged as one of the best firms which are into the process of […]

PhD topic Assistance for unique research topics

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The research process starts with the selection of a topic that is feasible and offers scope for research. More than anything else, the topic must appeal to you, as well as your supervisor. Picking up a topic just because your peer group is advising the same, or you find some social issue appealing, is not […]

Five steps to writing a perfect Research Paper

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A research paper is hard to prepare for an inexperienced research writer because the format of the paper can vary from one university to another. If you are planning to submit your research paper to a reputed journal, then you will have to be extremely careful with the format that you follow. Buy or download […]

Copyright issues pertaining to your research paper publishing

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Once you have successfully completed your research paper, you might be extremely interested in publishing the same in various reputed journals. There are different rights for different situations. One of the most misunderstood elements in this handover is the question of copyright. Isn’t your work copyrighted already when you write it? If you give away […]