Do U Need a Student Grant? Check out How!

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This post is going to serve great to those seeking grant. It summarizes the tips and the method for applying for student grant or fellowships. To begin with, at the formative stage, you need to know exactly where all you are going to apply. Or in other words, identify your needs can be said as […]

LaTeX- An excellent thesis writing and citation software

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Research documents need to be flawless in order to help the research scholar score big during the final year doctorate degree examinations. LaTeX has emerged as an excellent thesis writing and citation software. Below is an interesting infographic which would help you in learning a lot about the effective usage of LaTeX.

Writing a dissertation using APA format

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Being asked to write a dissertation is daunting but writing the same using APA format can be more intimidating. I have specially written this blog so as to help all those research scholars who’ve been asked to write their research projects using the APA format. So, if you too are one such research student, then […]

Start a research game and score high

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Can you imagine conducting a serious research with the help of online games? Well, it is hard to conceive, but true. The concept of using games for research has been a rising phenomenon since last few years, and now it is being used extensively for surveys and research studies. The technique is based upon the […]