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"Rihanna Khalid"

I have read an e-book by PhD box on Questionnaire and Marketing Scales and it is proving to be really helpful in my research. I formed a questionnaire according to the style suggested in the book and got useful response from the participants, as the questions were accurate. I am considering buying the other e-books in the series, related to academic writing for thesis, statistical tests, and research design.

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  • "Tulip Rhodes"

    I attended the training session help by PhD box for statistical guidance and found them worth the time and money spent. The training sessions for Nvivo and SPSS were conducted in detail and the statisticians conducting the sessions readily answered all the questions asked by the participants. As a novice in the field, I benefited from the sessions. It was a great learning experience for me and now I feel I am ready to do the data analysis for my dissertation. The training providing is customised for researchers.

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  • "Robert McVite"

    While I was clear about my research topic, I had little experience in writing research document and conducting research. PhD Box's full consultation helped me all the way in my PhD Thesis. I received consultation on research design, data analysis and editing my work and I am very pleased with their service. I was assisted by Dr. Lakshmi and it was wonderful working with her. After completing my thesis, I also subscribed to research paper publication package and got 4 papers published in impact factor journals.

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  • "Priya Naithani"

    PhD box is really a box of wonders. The range of subject matter expertise that it has is superb. With more than 175 subject matter experts, the services that they provide for all kinds of projects are immense. I took help from them for all my projects through the two years of my master's course in marketing management, for subjects ranging from statistics to marketing and customer psychology. The quality of solution, for all the subjects, was equally good and even my instructors were impressed.

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  • "Carol Johns"

    It was a last minute decision to take help for the data analysis of my PhD research, as I had to submit the thesis in a month and still had a lot of data to arrange and analyse. The statisticians from PhD box were really helpful, as they took pains to understand my urgent requirement and worked overtime to finish the analysis. In fact, three people were working on the project, with one person arranging the data, another doing the data analysis and the third one making the results sheet. The results were accurate and were presented in an easy-to-understand form. I could write the results chapter and discussions easily from the statistical chapter done by the experts.

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  • "Surya Singh"

    I was looking for research ideas for my PhD thesis and had looked through dozens of books and journals. I took professional support for topic suggestion, and PhD Box gave me a list of topics which were relevant for my subject, and were fresh. They offered a good scope for research and I selected a few which we found interesting. The insight that the experts provided, helped me zero in on a topic, and I even got a framework for conducting research on that topic.

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  • "Large Jones"

    I tried to learn and implement SPSS for my research, but in vain. Howsoever I tried, I could not fully understand the way to use the tools and infer the results from the SPSS sheet. I colleague recommended I use the services of experts and I took the service. These experts provide statistics help using SPSS in a way that makes it super simple to decode the difficult modules and apply the tests. I am in complete awe of the experts and would certainly take more help for my further assignments.

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  • "Brayden Williams "

    I am writing to tell you that my research paper was successfully received by my supervisor. I appreciate your efforts and professional approach towards work. I want to forward my extreme thanks to the consultant for giving me the encouragement and energy that I needed, apart from the basic work requirement. You have gained my trust and future business. All the best to you and your team!

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  • "Fatima Sabbagh"

    At the onset, thank you for the editing. Since my English is not good, I need expert to help me and remove language errors from my paper. PhD Box is very punctual. I submitted my paper to the journal within deadline and received a positive feedback. I will always recommend PhD Box for thesis editing service. Thank you once again!

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  • "Chan Tze Chee"

    My fast approaching submission date was just about a week ahead and I had no clue on how to continue with my thesis writing. I was having a tough time till you guys started consulting me. I am thankful to my decision of choosing you and to you for guiding me with synopsis particularly. With such a good start, I hope to seek your assistance for the entire project.

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  • "Taufik Steve "

    Extremely amazed with the effort and skill you poured to offer me the best possible service. I have to say that after a review of the end product, I had no second thoughts about receiving an appreciation from my supervisor. Every sub-title appears perfect and appropriate to the context. Your promptness in reply, feedback and delivery really pleased me.
    With kind regards,

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  • "Tan Sri Chea"

    It is rare to expect from your vendors, the three essential corners of the marketing triangle: Quality, Time and Cost. Surprisingly, I met a team who consistently delivers all three, PhD Box. Among the hard money-centric world little did I expect to find such quality-driven and punctual service providers. I find myself lucky to have them in my contact list. I will definitely reach out to them for my future work needs.

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  • "Justin Eipper"

    Thanks a million for correcting my poor prose and giving it a publishable quality. This is my third paper that got so much better with PhD Box’s premier quality service. I am pleased to have known you; it is just amazing how every time my unstructured context transforms to a well formatted and consistent research write-up. I keep in mind to spread a word about you whenever it comes to a professional research consultancy firm. Keep up with the hard work!

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  • "Tanya Tong"

    Categorising vast set of data can never be a simple to-do task. The complex procedure takes a whole lot of time and works as a pill of anxiety and nervousness when you have so less time left for the final submission. All those who think alike must consult statisticians at Phd Box, since they understand the concerns and worries of a researcher and take utmost efforts to work out in the shortest possible time, with precision. I am glad to have consulted them. I could never have got such results on my own.

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  • "Nate Hyett"

    I bought an e-book based on Meta-Analysis and systematic literature review from PhDBox. Their choice of books is really good. Just one book they suggested on literature review was enough for me to have a clear direction on how to proceed with the preparation of this chapter. It had clear instructions in step-by-step sections for searching the appropriate literature. I am looking forward to the other e-books suggested by their team.

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  • "Jaydon Cheng"

    I am very happy with the result. Having written number of papers, I have worked with 4-5 third party consultants in the past. However, this experience was unmatchable to my prior work associations. I will strongly recommend PhD Box to those who seek for quality at the right price.

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  • "Lucas Trout"

    My manuscript was given a rejection tag by two journal publishers. This was the appropriate time to take professional help. I had email conversations with a member of the manuscript publication team at PhD Box. He proved his words right by improvising my work quality and its market value. Much to my surprise, my paper has been held for printing with a world journal. I offer my gratitude to the experts working on this.

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    • I was struggling with the data interpretation aspect of my research and your services rescued my drowning dissertation. From selecting the appropriate statistical tool to verifying variable to reliable research reports, it served all of my purposes. Thanks PhD Box Team! – Raafi Amin
    • I am completely satisfied with the results of my thesis editing. Even my guide appreciated the final work. Your service helped me overcome flaws which I was omitting since long. Thanks for the timely support. – Sakeen Iman
    • I am quite sure my thesis would have been rejected with those grammatical blunders. Kudos to your team for helping me with the exceptional editing services, flawless formatting and plagiarism-free document. I highly recommend your services! – Haani Saadeh
    • I was struggling with the submission of my PhD proposal submission, when a friend referred me PhD Box and I am glad with the results as my proposal was accepted in one go. Happy with the assistance provided. – Zaahid Dia
    • I was stuck at the data collection stage of my thesis and was fed up with the stress caused because of my PhD. PhD box became my ray of hope and their experts not only helped me in the data collection process but also in the later stage of data analysis. – Saadiq Kaiser
    • I hired a research assistant from PhD box for completing my PhD on time and I was assisted through various stages including research topic formulation, framing proposal, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, chapter formulation, proofreading and more. PhD box made my thesis submission very easy and stress-free! –Abdur Raheem Usman