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PhD Box offers specialised services for primary research and the collection of data. We assist in the collection of reliable and valid data. Depending upon the type of study and its objectives and hypotheses, both quantitative and qualitative data collection services are available for researchers. We follow an approach wherein a pilot study is undertaken before the actual process of data gathering begins. This helps to remove discrepancies, if any, in the pedagogy. Along with the data gathering process, we also undertake the task of data cleaning and management to facilitate further data analysis.

In addition, we guide you on the choice of right data collection methods and tools through our statistics-based analyses. We determine the types of tools that would be able to give you useful results. We also let you understand your study design and the reasons behind choosing certain data acquisition techniques. Our professionals can also help you construct your data gathering tools. With our timely guidance, your data collection task will not stop unreasonably. The team of experts with us is able enough to handle data of varied sizes, ranging from small samples to a large population. Our charges for the collection of data are based on the size and complexity of data required. Contact our service managers to get a customised quote for availing this service.

Primary Data

Primary research determines the credibility and worthiness of the outcome of a study, as the data for it is collected directly by a researcher. It stands for the originality of work and also speaks of his/her efforts. It calls for expertise and proficiency on the part of a researcher, as several tasks have to be done and multiple decisions have to be made. A lot of scholars seek professional may help at this stage of their research work so as to make sure that the final analysis is flawless and worthy. At PhD Box, we undertake primary data collection in a highly organised manner to provide statistically relevant data for their theses.

Our services take into account the following essentials :

Selecting appropriate tools to gather data
Finalising a representative sample size
Designing focused questionnaires and forms
Developing the indicator parts for instruments
Providing a trained staff for collecting data
Defining variables important for a study
Ensuring to address the ethical issues involved in the collection of data

Primary research involves the collection of data that is subsequently analysed to come up with findings and recommendations. In a genuine research study, the gathering of accurate data plays a very important role. To collect primary data that is authentic, accurate and relevant to a study, a high level of expertise is required. Many research scholars find it difficult to collect primary data for their research work. Thus, we not only help them gather the data, but also assist them if they anytime need more data during the course of their study. We are just a step away at any stage of your work.

Professional researchers at PhD Box are extra cautious when it comes to primary data collection. They ensure that the data is collected efficiently and is flawless so as to ensure that further analysis of it is also accurate. The team at PhD Box comprises of experts who know various ways of collecting data and who can work on both small and large samples. Our professionals are well versed in the methodologies of collecting data. They also carry out a pilot survey effectively so as to ensure that the actual survey or used methods work well. The cost of our services is in accordance with the service rendered, and you can be rest assured that our prices are competitive and give complete satisfaction and value for money.

Pricing Structure


We charge our clients on the basis of data points to be collected. For example, if your questionnaire has 30 questions and you need data for a minimum for 100 respondents, then your data points shall be 3,000. The price of data capturing per data point is Rs. 10 in India, with a minimum required order quantity of 2,000 data points.


There is no set rate for gathering data through an interview; however, it depends on the difficulty to reach the respondents, questions involved, and other related factors. We have a team of fresh MBA graduates who go out to fix up meetings and collect the data for you.

Secondary Data

Secondary data collection is referred to the gathering of data from published journals, annual reports, balance sheets, country reports, economic reports, newspapers, scholarly articles, and other related sources. While such data has already been captured by other researchers, students may not have access to varied sources that can provide relevant secondary data for their study. Thus, our professionals help them collect data from all possible sources that we have access to.

Pricing Structure

While we help PhD candidates in collecting secondary data, the price for it depends on the scope of work and the possible availability of data on a public domain. Wherever preferential access is required, the prices may vary substantially

To get a custom quote for our services, write to us at with the details of your research and the type of data you want us to collect for your project.

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