Leveraging six years of expertise across 470 areas of study,PhD Box has assisted more than 30,000 authors to publish their research studies in international peer-reviewed journals. Our service specialisations include developing a manuscript from your existing research or thesis document, editing your manuscript, formatting and submitting your manuscript to a chosen journal, following up with journal editors regarding your submitted manuscript, and doing a peer review of your manuscript.

Journals Where Our Clients got Published

IEEE Elsevier SCI Science Direct Wiley Springer

Our Service Process


Recording of Research Ideas

Writing down all the thoughts that evolve in mind

Finding of questions that the research intends to answer


Conducting the Research

Search for the Literature based on research ideas

Determining the applicable research strategies


Designing the Draft

Crafting of Manuscript Topic and Sub-topics

The prototype may re-evolve at the later stage, but helps direct the paper


Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript is prepared by combining the ideas and the layout

Draft is read, re-read and further editing of the draft is taken-up for all the mistakes confronted


Manuscript Formatting

Check for the target journal format

Format the manuscript keeping in view all the guidelines provided


Journal Submission

Read Author Guidelines and Submission Guidelines

Process the Online Submission

Topics Covered
Services Offered
Journals for which we help
  • Medicine
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Literature
  • Law
  • Manuscript Writing
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Peer Review
  • Journal search and Selection
  • Data Analysis
  • Formatting and Submission
  • Impact factor Journals
  • PubMed
  • SCI Indexed
  • Biomedcentral
  • Elsevier
  • Springer
  • Taylor and Francis
  • IEEE
  • Wiley Publications
  • Sage Publications


Get Published in IEEE,SCI Indexed, Elsevier, Springer,PubMed and other Impact Factor Journals.

As far as the publication of manuscripts is concerned, most researchers vie for publication in international journals, as that adds to the credibility of a researcher. This requires meeting international standards and conforming to various mandates laid down by different journals. These mandates or standards include proper citations, precise abstracts, impeccable research methodology, correct data analysis, proper formatting, and error-free language. All of these compliances are difficult for a researcher to achieve on his/her own. Thus, it is always recommended that they take help right when they feel uncomfortable handling a manuscript development or publishing issue.

At PhD Box, we offer research paper publication support services by professionals who have years of work experience with renowned publications. Thus, our consultants are aware of international-level publishing standards set by various journals in different academic areas. They are also aware of every journal’s readership, impact factor rating, and article preferences. When you take help from our mentors, they can assist you right from the manuscript writing stage to its publication.

If you are confused about the type of journal you should pick, then we help you judge the suitability according to your study type and its fitment. For enhancing your manuscript and making it flawless, we review its quality and improve the content presentation, as well as correct every single linguistic and formatting mistake. Our consultants help you comply with all the guidelines issued by a specific journal in which you intend to publish your work. Additionally, we work on highlighting the contributions of your study. Our ultimate goal is to make your manuscript well-shaped and polished so it can gain immediate approval on its first submission.

Our research paper publication support services can be easily customised to your needs for editing, formatting, submission, or even the entire service. Contact us today for a quote. You may send us an email at

and conforming to various mandates laid down by the journals (These include proper citations, precise abstracts, impeccable research methodology, correct data analysis, formatting and error free language). All of these compliances are difficult for the researcher to achieve on his/her own.

With our complete range of services, we assist author’s right from writing the manuscript till the publication. Our services can be easily customised to author’s need for editing, formatting, submission or the full service. Contact us today for a quote.

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  • I was struggling with the data interpretation aspect of my research and your services rescued my drowning dissertation. From selecting the appropriate statistical tool to verifying variable to reliable research reports, it served all of my purposes. Thanks PhD Box Team! – Raafi Amin
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  • I hired a research assistant from PhD box for completing my PhD on time and I was assisted through various stages including research topic formulation, framing proposal, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, chapter formulation, proofreading and more. PhD box made my thesis submission very easy and stress-free! –Abdur Raheem Usman