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Research of any type requires multitasking and expertise in various compartments of research work. Scholars often find it difficult to take up research work independently due to the lack of expertise in all these compartments. That is why PhD Box offers the service of a research assistant who can guide a scholar effectively throughout his/her research process. Research work calls for the searching of relevant content, content organisation, data collection and sorting, data analysis and interpretation, chapter formulation, proofreading, and many more activities. Our unique service to hire a research assistant can be of major help while you are trying to avoid an overload of work and the resulting stress.

When you hire a research assistant from PhD Box, he/she would be available to take care of any unpredictable or sudden challenge that arises in front of you. You can completely rely on the knowledge and expertise of our learned researcher and feel comfortable with the fact that your required task would be handled flawlessly. Our research assistants are seasoned in their respective fields of study and ensure timely and accurate assistance. All this and more is available for your customised requirements and at most competitive rates. You can seek help from our research assistant as and when required and your query and need would be taken care of with complete satisfaction.

Normally, PhD candidates outsource the following to research assistants:

Thus, if you want to get rid of your research-related troubles, then we recommend you the support provided by our assistants. They can reduce your work pressure significantly and keep you away from frustration. In fact, our assistants will keep you motivated throughout your research. It will help you come up with an excellent project, as you will be able to

remove all the usual obstacles that may block your way to success. We offer our research assistant service at the rate of $20 per hour. Our research assistants are usually postgraduates who may have been doing their own research. Through this income, they are also able to support themselves during their PhD programs. To get more details on this service and its execution, you may write to us at info@phdbox.edu.in

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  • I was struggling with the data interpretation aspect of my research and your services rescued my drowning dissertation. From selecting the appropriate statistical tool to verifying variable to reliable research reports, it served all of my purposes. Thanks PhD Box Team! – Raafi Amin
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  • I hired a research assistant from PhD box for completing my PhD on time and I was assisted through various stages including research topic formulation, framing proposal, data collection, data analysis and interpretation, chapter formulation, proofreading and more. PhD box made my thesis submission very easy and stress-free! –Abdur Raheem Usman